Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gorgeous new holiday cards...

Man it's been a long time since I blogged here. I end up being so busy blogging for my various creative teams that I forget to come HERE and blog.

I usually scrap my own Christmas cards, but this year, I will not be doing that. Why, you might ask? Well you probably aren't asking.. but I'm gonna tell you anyways. :p

Shutterfly has gorgeous new cards this year and I'm in love with them. In fact, I'm so in love with them, that I cannot decide at all which one to order. I'd love to show you some of them!

I love this one in particular, because my mom is always telling me to do a holiday letter b/c some of our relatives do. I'm always too lazy though.. but look here.. I can do it right on my card! Even better.. it has 3 photo spaces.. so I can do a family photo, plus a photo of each kid.

Genius, Shutterfly!

I am also, however, pretty dang fond of this one.. I love all things damask...

Those two were flat cards.. lets look at some folded cards for the less lazy among you.. (i.e. not me) and show you some options if you actually want to WRITE in your cards (those of you that have time for such things, I bow down to you)

Sigh, this might be the card that changes my mind. I really LOVE the brown on here..

I'm having a really hard time picking cards to show you, I just want to throw that out there. This could easily be like a 50 image post.

I love how this really puts the emphasis on the photo, but is still such a lovely card.

All of these cards can be found at the following links:
Stationary cards
photo cards
Main shutterfly site

I am still no closer to deciding which card I want to use but hey, it's a good problem to have, right? LOL

If you do use a shutterfly card, let me know, I'd love to know which one you choose and why!

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