Friday, February 27, 2009

Random Birthday Trivia

The day of the week in which the most babies are born is Tuesday while Sunday is the lowest day.

Anne Frank's world famous diary was given to her when she was thirteen years old.

The children’s day in India is celebrated on 14th November- the birthday of Jawahar Lal Nehru in memory of his love for children.

The Teacher’s day in India is celebrated on 5th September-the birthday of Dr Radhakrishnan-former President of India and a great educationist.

The Sultan of Brunei hosted the world's most expensive Birthday Party
to celebrate his 50th Birthday on 13 July, 1996. The cost was a whopping US $27.2 million. Three concerts featuring Michael Jackson costs US $16 million of the total amounts.

Paul McCartney's Birth Certificate was auctioned in March 1997, for US $84,146. It is believed to be the world's most expensive Birth Certificate.

William Shakespeare's died on his 52nd birthday: 23 April 1616.

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