Friday, February 29, 2008

Sweet Shoppe

1. How often do you get sick with a cold? The flu? Something else? Rarely, unless my kids get sick, and then I almost always get it.
2. Are you the sort of person who goes to work or school no matter how sick you are or are you willing to stay at home when it gets bad? If I am really bad I stay home, but typically I go to work because I usually need to save my sick days to use when the kiddos are sick!
3. How do you like to treat a cold? What remedies do you like and why? Do you go to the doctor willingly? I go to the doctor, and I am a big fan of drugs. The legal kind. LOL
4. What do you do to keep from getting sick in the winter? Stay away from my children. Just kidding. Sort of. LOL
5. What is your favorite thing to do when you stay home from work or school? Watch trashy daytime tv and play on the laptop!!!

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